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The Y Axis aka Vertical Axis

28th August 2012 - The build

Solar Tracker Sensor
Aluminium Rod - 34mm - Approx 5 for 100mm

Cut off Approx 2cm from the Rod.

Solar Tracker Sensor
Drill a hole in the centre of your 2cm offcut. This hole needs to be the same diameter as the shaft of your motor.
It's pretty hard to make this dead centre, but it is important to get it as central as you take your time.

When drilled, cut it in half. Use a fairly thick blade to do the cutting as this will make the clamping better. A hacksaw blade is what I used.

Solar Tracker Sensor
Here you can see the clamp resting on the motor shaft. Gives you an idea of how it's all going to go together.

Solar Tracker Sensor
Exhaust clamp - Approx 2 from local Halfords...Make sure it's well built, cos this will take a lot of stress.

Slot everything together - Motor, Clamp and Exhaust Clamp. Tighten the Exhaust Clamp so that it nicely squeezes the clamp onto the motor shaft.

Solar Tracker Sensor
Side view of clamp

You can also see that I've cut a slit in the aluminium tube. Make sure you line this slit up with the slit in the 2cm clamp you made above.

Solar Tracker Sensor
Here you can see I've fitted 2 Micro Switches. These will later be used as limit switches on the motor circuit to prevent it over rotating. I've epoxy'd them to the motor case.
Test the Switches by rotating the shaft - You should hear them click when the Exchaust Bolts hit the arms.
You may need to bend the arms.
You want to ensure 180º rotation.

Purchased for approx 2 each - Make sure they're IP65 rated.

Next - How did I make the Horizontal Axis


M. Fathey - 22/06/2015 02:26:55
great work (Y) please could you help me to get the arduino code and the connection between UNO and relay circuit thank you

Jeroen Nederpel - 05/07/2014 21:14:32
Hello, The site looks great the site is verry helpfull, I want to built a solar tracker. Can you send the schematics of the relais and if possible the software? And some tips to make the solar tracker and Arduino programs. Thanks in advance, Best regards, Jeroen Nederpel

- 24/02/2014 08:28:30
I reckon the weight of the solar panel is around the 20KG mark. It is pretty heavy. I would imagine a UHF yagi would be very light - the tracker could probably handle the weight of that.

miketuk - 23/02/2014 22:42:24
Just wondered what the approx weight isof your solar cell? I am wondering if i could adapt this into a satellite tracker using a small uhf yagi.


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