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DIY Savonius Wind Turbine / Generator MKII

21st September 2013

So I've been doing considerable reading on the technicalities of Savonius Wind Turbines.
It seems my original attempt (MKI - MK I) wouldn't have been to good. Something about the flat blades would cause the turbine to stall in the wind.
Even though it turned when the fan was blown on it, it didn't feel great.

So I've decided to have another attempt - MKII

I'm going to build this out of plastic and aluminium, to achieve both strength and to withstand the elements.

DIY Savonius Wind Turbine
Bought myself some guttering and end caps.
Cut these down to 30cm and end up with 4 lengths.

DIY Savonius Wind Turbine
I've screwed the end caps onto the guttering to secure in place.

DIY Savonius Wind Turbine
Using 4 x 20mm flat aluminium bars cut to 25cm lengths.
I've drilled a 10mm hole in the centre.
I've also drilled a couple of holes in each to allow a self tapping screw. This will screw into the plastic end caps.

DIY Savonius Wind Turbine
Here you can see the flat bars screwed into the end caps.
It's up to you how close to the centre hole you choose to fit each cup.
The closer to the centre, the faster it'll spin, but harder to start (need more wind).
The further away, the slower it'll spin, but easier to start (need less wind).

DIY Savonius Wind Turbine
All bolted together onto a 10mm threaded rod. Obviously - Make sure you offset each section 90 degrees to the other.

Here's a short video of it being driven from a fan.
It starts a lot easier than the MKI turbine I made...and goes faster!
Also - Because it's made from plastic and aluminium, it'll last a lot longer in the elements.



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