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Linux Mint from an IT Manager's Perspective

So my day job is an IT Manager. I've been doing IT for around 18 years now, 10 years of that in Management. I enjoy it and it pays the bills.

Microsoft Windows has been my staple for years. You can say what you like about Microsoft, but the fact remains that they've consistently delivered reliable, feature rich and user friendly software for years.
I've grown up with Windows 3.11, 95, XP, 7 and now Windows 8.
Server 2003, 2008, 2012 - I've used them all.
Exchange, Hyper-V, DFS - Have been my server side tools for years.
But...and this a big but - Microsoft, in my opinion, are heading for a disaster.
Microsoft Windows 8 is shite! It is the most over encumbered piece of junk to come out of Microsoft for years.
We all know that Microsoft sell the latest versions of their software, simply by adding new bits onto their old software and saying "look, here's Windows XYZ, and it does this awesome new thing".
Windows 8 is no different. Except this time, the awesome new thing (Tile Interface) is actually the complete opposite of awesome. Anyone with any IT skills will find it frustrating at best and a nightmare at worst.
I honestly think that the only people who will enjoy Windows 8 are those people who haven't previously been spoilt by Windows XP and its user-friendliness!

My biggest worry with Windows is what comes next? What comes after Windows 8?
Is Microsoft going to ignore its customer base and push out another piece of crap?
I don't know, but what I do know, is that I don't want to be without options if Microsoft do.
Hence my desire to look at Linux.

It's obvious that Microsoft has geared Windows 8 towards the "app" market. Think Apple and the iPhone.
It's now all about the secondary revenue stream that an app store can bring, and this is what Microsoft is hoping to catch a slice of.
Commercially - I can't knock them for trying to tap a new kind of revenue.
But Microsoft are forgetting the largest part of their existing market - that being the corporate market.
I've been screaming for years - "Why don't Microsoft release a desktop OS that just works, no bells, no whistles, just turn on, let me do my job, then go home"...I'd even pay more than the bells and whistles version if I knew it was gonna be fast, clean and to the point.
Alas, it's never going to happen and I've lived with this for many years, but with Windows 8, I feel this is the first time Microsoft has real competition.

The Competition is Linux Mint!

Don't get me wrong, I know Linux has been around for years, but for the first time ever, I feel it's reached a point where the average user might be able to use it.
By average user - I mean the people at my work who have zero interest in seeing the humble PC as anything more than a fancy typewriter.

Soooo...with my IT Management head on, I've decided to test Linux Mint in an 80 user commercial environment...and this is my story...

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