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Linux Mint from an IT Manager's Perspective (Windows Domain)

Joining Linux Mint to Windows Domain - 10th April 2014

A bit of googling tells me that way to go is to install LikeWise Open GUI.
This is a tool for joining Linux machines to a Windows Domain.
I installed it fairly painlessly - I'm loving just how fast Linux installs's all just so fluid, quick and easy.

I'm now in the Likewise package and I'm presented with two fields to fill out.
- Computer Name, which is already filled out with name I chose at installation
- domain, which I fill out with my domain name
I hit join domain.
It asks me for a Domain Username/Password that has rights to join computers to a domain - I enter them.
Whirls away for a second or two and ERROR! - DNS_ERROR_BAD_PACKET
Oh dear, I wonder, what's going on here?!
Back to Google for some answers.

Right! I've been messing with joining Linux Mint to a Windows Domain for a day now.
I've hit loads of issues. DNS_ERRORS, SAMBA errors, can't edit NSSWITCH.conf because of read-only settings. Can't edit resolv.conf
Blah, Blah, Blah.
Basically, I've come the conclusion that it maybe is possible to join to a windows domain, but you have so many headaches along the way, that it might not be worth it.
If I consider that potentially I could have 40+ of these Linux Mint machines in my environment, all presenting me with an array of different messages on a daily basis, I'd be running around like a crazed nutter.
Because of these issues, I've given up on joining to a Windows fact, I'm beginning to question if it's at all necessary.

I'm gonna forget Windows Domain for a while and go straight to seeing if I can access my Microsoft Exchange 2007 mailbox from Linux Mint.

Next - Accessing my Microsoft Exchange Mailbox from Linux Mint



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