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DIY Horizontal HAWT Wind Turbine / Generator MKII

24th February 2014

Now that I've decided to use RC propellers for the blades on my wind turbine, I've been thinking a lot about which blade might work best.

There is a lot to consider -
Is bigger better?
Is more pitch better?
Does blade style matter?

I originally had a 2 blade 13"x6.5" Slow Fly Prop on my wind generator(orange prop in video), and this worked fairly well, but I felt there was room for improvement.
There is a fair assumption that 3 blade props outperform 2 blade props, so this was an obvious starting point for improvement.
There is also the obvious bigger blade = more swept area = more power.
So after all this I decided to buy a 3 blade 16"x8" prop, but not a slow fly prop. A whole 3" more in diameter!

I installed the new blade onto my wind turbine, but after watching it for a few days, it didn't look to spin as nicely as the one it replaced.

So to get some science behind it, I performed some simple comparisons - see video below.
I'm sure someone can explain the science as to why the smaller blade outperforms the larger? I suspect something to do with pitch?



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