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Solar Tracker LDR circuit using Arduino

2nd September 2012

How I made a light sensor for a 2 axis solar tracker. Parts needed = LDRs, Resistors, wire and veroboard.
Solar Tracker Sensor
Here is the circuit diagram for the sensor.
Parts -
4 x 10K encapsulated LDRs
4 x 12K Ohm resistors
1 x Veroboard - Cut down to approx 10x10

Make sure you leave a decent length of cable on the LDR side.

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Solar Tracker Sensor
Here is photo of my completed LDR circuit

Solar Tracker Sensor
The LDR end of circuit

Next - See how the Relay Circuit is made


William - 07/05/2017 08:57:36
Is there an update on the limit switches ? Great idea by the way.

Morgan jones - 02/01/2015 01:18:09
Hello. And thank you for making this project available for everyone!! It really is great to see!! And I'm hoping to build it myself but I am going to need some help? Please can you send my some pictures over so I can take a look at them. Thank you!!

Uzor Mbamalu - 21/06/2014 15:32:27
this is my undergraduate project. would appreciate any help given. am working on a dual axis system and using the arduino and LDR

zulkarnai - 15/04/2014 15:24:27
Hi, can share the circuit diagram for the LDR, resistors and Aduino?

ash - 07/02/2013 12:51:54


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